Readings for line KD.10.1

ThanneL.10.1: The lombard capital <T> is five lines high in blue ink with red flourishes. A small guide letter <t> appears in the left margin. hadde witte a wyf · was hote dame studye
Thanne hadde witte a wyf  was hoten dame studie
THan had Wit a wife , was hote dame Study
Thanne hadde wit a wif . was hote dame Studie
Thanne hadde wytt a wyfe · was hotyn dame studye ·
<Thanne had wit a wif was hote dame studie
Then had wytt a wyfe wychasG.11.1: Kane and Donaldson read G was altered to wych, but in fact the <a> and the sigma <s> with a long riser have clearly been written over the <y>and the <ch> respectively. hoote dame studye
ÞAnne hadde witt a wijf  was hoten . dame studye .
ÞanneR.10.1: The initial is flourished with red, as usual, and a man's face has been drawn in the loop of the thorn. had wit a wif  was calledR.10.1: Cf. F's klepid. Beta's reading is hote, which agrees with Ax and Cx. dame studie
SIreF.7.1: The ornamented capital is red with green flourishing which extends about half way down the page. wit / hadde a wif / was klepid dame stodye.F.7.1: A red VII with red flourishes appears in the top right corner of this badly cropped leaf to indicate the passus number.