Readings for line KD.10.13

I sey it bi suche quod she þat sheweth bi her werkes
I saie it b.y suche quod she  þat sheweþ byM.10.13: All other B manuscripts read hir at this place. An insertion line has been drawn between by and werkes, and a line drawn out to something, illegible even under ultraviolet light, erased in the margin, where there is also an erased <X>. werkes
I say it by such , quod she , þat shew it by her works
I seye it by swiche quod she . þat sheweþ by hir werkes
y seye it by suche quod sche · þat scheweþ by her werkys
I say it by swich quod sho · þat shewes by hire werkes
I sey ytt by suoyche quod she þat showen by theyre workes
I seye it by swiche quod sche  þat schewen bi her werkis
I seye it be schucheR.10.13: This form is unique to R. MED, s. v. swich, indicates that the South English Legendary (ca. 1300) has the only comparable form of this word, which it labels as a SW Midlands form for swich. Cx reads suche. quod sche  þat scheweth be here werkes .
I sey it / be swiche quod she / þat shewe be here werkys.