Readings for line KD.10.215

For sorcerye is þe souereyne boke · þat to þe science longeth
For sorcerye is þe souerein book  þat to þe science longeth
For Sorcerie is the souerenest boke þat to science longith
For sorcerie is þe Souereyn book . þat to þo Sciences bilongeþ
for sorcery is the souereyn booke · that to tho scyences longeth
For sorcerie is þe souereigne book · þat to þe science langes
For sorcerye ys þe souereygesouereyg[n]e boke þat to thatG.11.221: Most A manuscripts share the G B reading that, which is adopted by Kane and Donaldson. Remaining B manuscripts read þe or þo. scyence longethe
For sorcerie is þe souereyn book  þat to þe science longeþ
For sorcerye is þe souereyne boke  þat to þo scienceR.10.224: R's combination of a plural determiner (þo) with a singular noun (science) is unique; some B witnesses read þe science (which is the Ax reading), while others, including WHmF, read þo sciences. It may be that R's þo science represents an unmarked plural rather than the casual error it appears (on a number of occasions, R offers unique, s-less genitive forms for his nouns). longeth .
For sorceryȝe is þe souereyn sekt / þat to þo sciencis longiþ.