Readings for line KD.10.216

Ȝet ar þere fybicches in forceres · of fele mennes makyng
# Fybicchis
ȜYet ar þere fybicches in Forcers  of felelM.10.222: For M's altered reading fell, C reads fell but all other B manuscripts have fele which seems to be M's original reading. mennus makyng
Yet ar ther fybiches in forseeris of fel mens makyng
Yet ar þer fibicches in forceres . of fele mennes makyng
Ȝit are ther fybycches yn forcers · of fele mennys makynge
yet ar þer fibiche in forcers · of fel men makynge
yet are ther fybyches yn forcers off felleG.11.222: For G's treatment of fele (the majority B reading, here appearing as G M Cr C felle), see note to G.4.349. In M, the reading fell results from correction. menes makyng
Ȝit arn þer fybicchisO.10.222: Fybicchis is a nonce-word. Skeat (Vol.II, 154) notes that he "cannot trace any such word in English, French, or Scandinavian," and elsewhere (Vol. II, 353) tentatively glosses it "contrivances." The MED repeats Quirk's suggestion that the word may derive from Pebichios, the name of an early alchemist, and tentatively defines it as "some kind of alchemical manipulations or tricks." in forceris  of fele mennys makyngO.10.222: Two crosses, approximately two lines in height and apparently in hand 2, appear in the bottom margin under arn and þer of this line.
¶ Ȝeet ar þere fibiches in forceres  of fele mennes makynge .
Ȝit are þere fybycchis / of fele folkys makynge.