Readings for line KD.10.245

Three persones · ac nouȝt in plurel noumbre
Thre persones  ac nouȝt in plurel nombre
Thre persons and not in plurel nombre
Thre persones . ac noȝt in plurel nombre
thre persones · ac nougth yn plurel noumbre
Thre persones · and nought in plurel noumbre.
thre persones but noght In þe pluvrell nombre
Þre persoones . ac not  in plurel noumbre
Thre propreR.10.251: R's propre is unique, having been omitted by both beta and F. Nevertheless, it is clear that the alliterative pattern of the line requires it. In all likelihood, it was found in alpha and Bx. The apparently odd coincidence of the word's having been separately omitted by beta and F is probably explainable in terms of how it would have been abbreviated. It would have occurred in a phrase which, at a glance, looked like this: þre ppre psones. If the required loop from the descender of the initial <p> was missing or unobtrusive, a copyist might easily mistake the word for an errant attempt (uncancelled) at writing the following word (especially if the final <re> was rendered merely as a superscript loop). Or ppre might have been misconstrued as an unerased dittography of the preceding word, þre. persones  and nauȝt in plurele noumbre .
& þey ben þre persones / but not in plurel numbre.