Readings for line KD.10.282

Lewed men may likne ȝow þus · þat þe beem lithe in ȝowre eyghen
Lewede men may likkne ȝyow þus  þatM.10.295: M's original reading agreed with most B manuscripts; the deletion of þat brings M into agreement with GF. þe beem lith in ȝyoure eighen
Lewde men may lyken you thus þat the beame lieth in your eye
Lewed men may likne yow þus . þat þe beem liþ in youre eiȝen
Lewyd folke may lykne ȝow thus · þaatHm.10.295: The scribe began to write the abbreviated form of þat using a superscript <a>, but then erased that character and wrote the word out normally. þe beem lyeth yn ȝour eiȝe ·
lewed men may liken yow · þat þe beme lith in youre eighen
lewde men mowe lykne you / þeG.11.295: M's original reading was þat þe (as most B manuscripts), but the word þat has been deleted, bringing M into line with G F reading þe. beame lyethe yn your eyne
Lewide men mowen likken ȝow  þat þe beem lijþ in ȝoure yen
¶ Lewed men may likne ȝow þus  þat þe bem lyth in ȝoure eyȝes .
A lewed man may lyȝkne ȝou / þe beem lyȝþ in ȝoure yȝes.