Readings for line KD.10.366

          id est panni
And owre bakkesL.10.373: The gloss id est panni is written above the line by the scribe. The gloss tells us that bakk- does not mean tergum, "back," but "clothes," "garments." þat moth-eten be · and sen beggers go naked
               .id est. vestes clothisM.10.373: The gloss vestes is the same ink and hand as the main text. The hand of the later gloss clothis resembles that of the Latin note at the top of fol 104v, as well as that of the verses about the mace at the foot of that leaf. The sidenote fiat voluntas on fol. 64v may also be compared. A gloss on bakkes in L reads id est panni.
And oure bakkes þat motheten ben  . & seen beggers go nakede
And our backs þat moteaten ben , & se beggers go naked
And oure bakkes þat moþe-eten be . and seen beggeris go naked
and our barkes þat motthes etyn · and seen beggers go nakyd ·
And oure bakkes cloþes þat mothe-eten ben · and seen beggers ga naked
and our backesBaggesG.11.374: Compare the form of the <g>s in Bagges with the <g> found in the marginalia on the previous page.G.11.374: In C2 as in G, the reading baggis (for most manuscripts bakkes) results from a later correction. þat moghteyten beene & se beggers go naked
And oure bakkis þat moþ-eten been  & seen beggers go nakid
And oure backes þat mote-etenR.10.392: The correct reading is moth-eten. R's apparently nonsensical phrase (cf. F = mote be betyn) attests to the spelling practice of alpha, who frequently renders /θ/ as <t>, especially in syllable-final position. MED, s. v. motthe, lists no examples of mote as a variant spelling of motthe, and OED2, s. v. moth, notes none earlier than 1520. However, among recorded late-medieval forms, the closest is moȝte, which makes alpha's form easy to account for. ben  & seen beggeres go naked .
For oure bak mote be betyn / we cloþe no beggere nakyd.F.7.382: The scribe misunderstood his exemplar. Bx reads "And our bakkes þat moþeeten be and seen beggeris go naked." We can see in R's "mote eten ben" the origins of F's error.