Readings for line KD.10.383

I leue it wel quod I bi owre lorde and on no letterure bettere
I leue it welM.10.390: Most B manuscripts include either here or after quod I the phrase, by oure lord. quod I  and on no lettrure bettre
I leue it wel quod , I by our lord and no letter better ,
I leue it wel quod I by oure lord . and on no lettrure bettre
I leue it wel quod y be our lord · & on no lettrure bettre
I leue it wel by oure lord quod I · and on no lettrure better
I leuve yt well by our lord quod he I & no letteruvre better
I leueO.10.390: OC2 alone lack it before wel. wel bi oure lord quod I  & on no lettrure better
And IR.10.410: Beta omits And; F substitutes For. However, Ax affirms the presence of R's And at the head of the line (the two C families disagree on this issue, the P group agreeing with the beta omission while the X set supports R). leue it welR.10.410: After wel beta adds quod I, but Ax and Cx both support RF on the omission of quod I. be oure lorde  & on no letterure bettere .
/ [¶] For i be-leve on oure lord / & on no lettrure bettre.