Readings for line KD.10.48

Ȝyue hem to her ȝeresȝiue · þe ȝifte of a grote
ȜYif hem to here ȝyeresȝyeue  þe ȝyifte of a grote
Gyue hem to her yeres gyfte , ne gift of a grote ,
Ȝyue hem to hir yeresȝyue . þe ȝifte of a grote
ȝyue hem to her ȝeresȝyue · ȝee the ȝifte of a grote
Gyue hem to hir yeresgyfte · þe gyft of a groot
gyuve theym to theyr rewarde þe walewG.11.50: All A manuscripts except K Wa J share the G O C2 Y reading "value" (for most B manuscripts ȝifte), and this is the reading adopted by Kane and Donaldson. off a groote
Ȝyue hem to her ȝerisȝyue  þe valueO.10.50: YGOC2 alone have value; variants include worth (RF), ȝifte (WHmBLM), and gift (CrC). of a grote
Ȝyue hem to here ȝeresȝyue  þe worthR.10.50: R's worth is an alpha variant. The most reliable beta witnesses, including L and M, read ȝifte. Ax reads value. of a grote .
F.7.49: A marginal pointing finger is drawn by a later hand in the left margin. Ȝeve hem / to here ȝirysȝeveF.7.49: The black underlining is by a later scribe. / þe worþF.7.49: Alpha is responsible for worþ. Some beta manuscripts have correctly alliterating ȝifte, while others read value. of a groote.