Readings for line KD.10.58

And gnawen god with þe gorge · whan her gutte isL.10.60: LYR alone read gutte is; most other B manuscripts have plural guttes, with or without some form of "be." fulle
And gnawen god with þe gorge  whanne ..hirM.10.60: M's alteration to hir may conceal þe, the reading of Hm. guttes ..beM.10.60: Before alteration, M may have agreed with YLR: gutte is. B manuscript readings vary between be (is, er, been) fulle and fullen. fulle
And gnawen god with hyr gorge , whan hyr guts fallen
And gnawen god wiþ þe gorge . whanne hir guttes fullen           W.10.60:nota
and gnawyn god wyþ þe gorge · whan þe guttys fyllyn ·
And gnawen god with þe goerge · whan hir guttis is fulle
& gnawen god wyth the gorge when þer guvttes er fylledG.11.60: Most B manuscripts have readings with the verb "to be" followed by the adjective "full" (or, in the case of G, the past participle fylled). The readings of A and C, however, suggest an original with "full" as an active verb (as W guttes fullen="bellies grow full").
And gnawen god wiþ þe goorge  whanne her guttes been fulle
And gnawen god with þe gorge  whan here gutte is fulle .
& gnawe god with here gorge / whan here guttys be fulle.