Readings for line KD.11.109

Þe lasse as I leue · louyen it þei wolde
The lasse as I leue  louyen it þei wolde
The lesse as I leue , louen it they woulde
Þe lasse as I leue . louyen it þei wolde
the lasse as y leue · louyn it they wolde · Hm.11.113:As Hm is written, this line is followed by KD11.425; then 104 lines follow, including the rubric heading, running through Hm12.88; this line is followed by KD11.218, and the text proceeds in sequence till KD11.424 (Hm12.294), which is followed by KD11.111; after 101 lines in Hm's count, KD11.217 is followed by KD12.82, and all then proceeds as it should; Kane and Donaldson (p. 10) describe and explain this dislocation in notes 63 and 64, but they cite the old foliation of Hm, their count being one too high in each case. In their analysis of the problem, they appear to be following the unpublished notes on the manuscript put together by Captain R. B. Haselden in 1931. Haselden, R. W. Chambers, "The Manuscripts of Piers Plowman in the Hungtington Library, and Their Value for Fixing the Text of the Poem," The Huntington Library Quarterly 8 (1935): 15, and Kane-Donaldson alike agree that the scribe's exemplar had mistakenly bound leaves in the quire. See our discussion above in the Introduction II.1.2 Dislocation.
The lasse as I leue · louyen it thay wolde
the lesse as I leuve louve ytt þei wolde
Þe lasse as I leue  louen it þei woldenO.11.113: OC2 alone have the form wolden in place of wolde.
Þe lasse as I leue  loueyen it þey wolde .
& if þey knewe latyȝn / leerne oþire þey wolde.