Readings for line KD.11.121

And badde hem souke for synne · saufly at his breste
An.d bad hem souke for synne  saufli at his breste
And badde hem sonkesouke for sinne , safely at hys breast
And bad hem souke for synne . safly at his breste
And bad hem souke for synne · saufly atte his breeste ·
And bad hem souk for synne · saufly at is breste
and bad theym sowke for synne sauvely att hys brest
And bade hem souke for synne  saueli at his brest
And bad hem souke for synne  saueR.11.121: RF here read saue against beta's saufly. At first glance, the occurrence of saue appears to be an alpha error, either for safly, or for Kane-Donaldson's conjectured saufte. However, saue is also found at this point in the X family of C manuscripts (the P family = sauete). As evidenced by MED, save can have nominal, adjectival, or adverbial senses. See s. v. saue, (n. 1) and sauf (adj. and adv.). Moreover, Russell and Kane seem to have recanted their emendation, since their edition now offers saue as the original C reading. In light of the shared witness of the X family of C, and the ample evidence that SWMidlands phonology treated /v/ and /f/ as allophonic, R's reading probably is equivalent to "safe" and directly mirrors Bx while beta represents an attempt at glossing the harder reading. at his breste .
& bad hem sowke for synne / save at his brest-bon