Readings for line KD.11.124

By þe blode þat he bouȝte vs with · and þorugh baptesme after
...?...M.11.126: Something, no longer legible, has been erased in the left margin.
By þe blood þat he bouȝte vs with  and thorugh baptesme aftur .
By þe bloude þat he bought vs with , & through baptisme after
By þe blood þat he bouȝte vs wiþ . and þoruȝ bapteme after
by the blood þat he bougth vs wyþ · and þurgh bapteme after
By the blood that he boughte vs with · and thurgh baptisme after
by þe bloode he boght vs wyth / & thruvgh baptyme after
Bi þe blood þat he bouȝte vs wiþ  & þoruȝ baptisme after
Be þe blodR.11.124: Beta adds þat before he. The C version of the line appears to support beta (though some X family copies omit þat). he bouȝte vsvs [wiþ]R.11.124: The omission of with at the end of the a-verse is unique to R and alters the meaning and grammatical status of the clause. Cx confirms that R is in error.  and þoruȝ baptesme after .R.11.124: In the right margin, a hand points to this line.
Þoru þe bloodF.8.121: Alpha and G omit þat after blood. he bowte vs with / & þoru þe bapteme after.