Readings for line KD.11.141

trogianusL.11.145: The word trogianus is written in the left margin. The reading is unclear, but the scribe appears to have written first trooianus and then corrected the second <o> to <g>.
Hiȝte troianus had ben a trewe knyȝte · toke witnesse at a pope
Highte Troianus hadde ben a trewe . kniȝt  took witnesse at a pope
I Troyans a true knight , take witnes at a pope
Hiȝte Troianus hadde ben a trewe knyȝt . took witnesse at a pope
higth troianus that hadde ben a trewe knygth · took wytnesse of apopea pope ·
Hight Troianus had ben a trewe knyght · took witnesse at þe pope
hyght troianus was a trew knyght toke wyttnes at the pope
Hiȝte troianus hadde been a trewe knyȝt  toke witnesse at þe pope
Hiȝte troianus had ben a trewe kniȝt  toke witnesse at a pope .R.11.143: The word pope is cancelled by a later reader using a horizontal line. It is the same ink as was used to cancel purgatorie at 11.134 above; also the same as used to draw the pointing hand at 11.124.
He was Troianus þe knyght / he took witnesse of þe pope.F.8.140: This line shares with Cr and Cx the omission of "had been a" after Troianus. F consistently reflects Trajan's material in third person rather than Bx's first.