Readings for line KD.11.160

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¶ Þis matir is merke for mani of ȝow  ac men of holy chercheR.11.161: Kane and Donaldson, lines 11.160-70 (= R 11.161-71) were omitted by the beta manuscripts and are preserved solely in R and F. F's rendering of these lines is sufficiently different from R's that F's lines should be cited in their entirety (cf. Appendix 1, R11.161-71, for details and any cross-references to the C version):
Þis matere is merk for manye / save men of holy chirche.
Þe legende sanctorum / lerneþ ȝow ; more largere þan y ȝou telle.
& þus leel love / & leel lyvynge in trewthe
Pytten owt of peyȝne / a payȝnym of Rome.
I-blessid be trowþe / þat brak so helle ȝaatys.
& savede þat sarsyȝn / fram sathenases powher.
/ Þere no Clergie ne cowhde / ne conynge of lawis.
Þan is love & lewte / ryght a leel science.
God wrouht it / & wroot it / with his owne fynger.
& took it Moyses on þe Mount / alle men / it to leere.
Þis matere is merk for manye / save men of holy chirche. These lines are preserved in alpha only.