Readings for line KD.11.209

For-þi loue we as leue bretheren shal · and vche man laughe vpL.11.204: LMR read vp and, although BCY have vpon, a majority of B witnesses record of. other
# quia Iocundum est habitare Fratres in vnum
For-thi loue we as leue bretheren shal  and eche man laughe vp other .
Forthy loue we as leue brether , & ech man leue other
For-þi loue we as leue breþeren . and ech man laughe of ooþer           W.11.204:nota
forthy loue we as leue breþerne schal · and eche man laugh of othre ·
For-thy loue we as leue bretheren shal · and Ilk man laughe vp onother
forthy louve we as bretheren shall & eche man laghe onerG.12.205: The scribe originally wrote ouer. After the deletion of the abbreviation for -er the two <u> minims function as the <n> of on. other
For-þi . lyueO.11.205: O alone has lyue in place of loue. we as leue breþeren schul  & iche man lawȝhe onO.11.205: GOC2F alone have on; most B manuscripts have
¶ For-þi loue we as leue childernR.11.214: Beta has bretheren, but Cx agrees with alpha's childern. schal  & vch man lauȝh vp oþer .
Þerfore love we as leve childryn / & ech man lawhe on oþir.