Readings for line KD.11.290

And þe title þat þei take ordres by · telleth ȝe ben auaunced
And þe title þat thei t.okeM.11.291: M's altered reading toke agrees with Cr. Other B witnesses have the present tense. ordres bey  telleþ ȝye ben auaunced
And þe title thei toke orders by , telleth thei be auanced
And þe title þat yeW.11.292: W and R read ye; other B manuscripts have þey, which is the reading in W's catchwords at the foot of fol. 64v. take ordres by . telleþ ye ben auaunced
and þe tytle þat þeyHm.12.167: The <y> is written over an imperfection in the vellum. takyn ordres by · telleþ ȝe ben auauncyd ·
And the title thay take ordersbyorders by · til ye ben auaunced
& þe tytle þei take ordre by tellethe ye been auvauncede
And þe title þei taken ordre bi  telleþ . ȝe been auaunced
And þe title þat ȝeR.11.303: R's ȝe seems to be the reading of alpha (F is substantially different but agrees on the second person); although W agrees with R on this reading, presumably by enlightened correction (in the b-verse, nearly all the B copies agree with R on the second-person pronoun reference ), the mass of evidence indicates that beta had a third-person plural in the a-verse (L = þei). Cx is partially revised in this line but preserves the alpha second-person pronouns. take ordres by  telleth ȝe ben auaunsed .
For ȝoure tytle of ȝour ordres / telle ȝee ben a-vauncyd.