Readings for line KD.11.348

To legge þe stykkes · in whiche she leythe and bredeth
To legge the stikkes  in ..whiche she leith and bredeth
To lygge the styckes in whiche she layeth & breadeth
To legge þe stikkes . in whiche she leyeþ and bredeþ
to legge þe stykkys yn whiche sche leyeþ · and bredeþ
To laye the stikkes · in wich he layes and bredes
to legge þe stykkes In wyche he lyethe & bredethe
To legge þe stykkes  in whiche he leiþ & brediþ
To lege stikkesR.11.363: R omits beta's þe after lege, a feature also characteristic of Cx. F revises the entire phrase.  in which aR.11.363: He, "she." lenth and bredethR.11.363: Beta (and presumably Bx) read the b-verse as in whiche she leythe and bredeth. Although F attempts to rationalize the error preserved in R by improvising in lengþe & in breede, R's general conformity to beta here indicates that the error began as a small one in alpha: lenth for original leythe. The alpha form of "she" was probably a, though it is not clear what the R scribe took it to mean.
Stykkis to legge / in lengþe & in breede.F.9.26: F's reading is unique. Other B manuscripts have "To legge þe stikkes in which she leyeþ and bredeþ."