Readings for lines KD.11.354b and KD.11.353b

L.11.358KD.11.354b, 353b
And hudden here egges · whan þei þere-fro wente
...?...M.11.357: Something, no longer legible, has been erased in the right margin. It is likely a guide for the addition of þai to the line.
M.11.357KD.11.354b, 353b
And hudden hire egges  whan þai therfro wente
Cr1.11.357KD.11.354b, 353b
And hydden her egges , whan they therefro went ,
W.11.358KD.11.354b, 353b
And hidden hir egges . whan þei þer-fro wente
Hm.12.233KD.11.354b, 353b
and huddyn her egges · whan they þerfro wente
C.11.356KD.11.354, 353
In marreys and mores · for men shuld hem nouȝt fynde
And hydden hire egges · whan thay there fro wente
G.12.359KD.11.354b, 353b
& hydden þer egges when þei þer-fro wente
O.11.359KD.11.354b, 353b
And hydden her eggys  whanne þei þerfro wenten
R.11.369KD.11.354b, 353b
And hudden here egges  whan þei þere-fro wenten .
F [Not found.]