Readings for line KD.12.116

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¶ Saul for he sacrifised  sorwe hym be-tydde . These lines are omitted by the beta manuscripts. F's rendering of these lines is sufficiently different from R's that F's lines should be cited here in their entirety (cf. Appendix 1, R12.126-36, for details and any cross-references to the C version):
Saul for his mys-sacrifyse / sorwe hym by-tydde.
& hise sones also / for þat synne myschevedyn
& manye mo oþire men / þat weryn none levites.
þat with archa dei wentyn / with worchepeful reuerencis.
& leyde on hond / & lyfte it vp / & lurn here lyf after.
For-þy ; y conseyle alle creatures / no clergye ȝee dispise.
Ne settiþ lyght be here scyence / what so þei do hem-selue.
Tak here wordis at worþ / here wytnesses be trewe.
& medle not meche with hem / to meve hem to wratthe.
Leest Charyte be chased owt / þan ech man choppeth oþir.
[N]olite tangere Cristos meos.
Saul for his mys-sacrifyse / sorwe hym by-tydde. These lines are attested only in alpha.