Readings for line KD.12.167

Þere his felaw flet forth · as þe flode lyketh
There is felawe fleet forth  as þe flood liketh
There hys felow flete forth , as the flowd liketh
Ther his felawe fleteþ forþ . as þe flood likeþ           W.12.165:nota
there ...?...his felowe fleteþ forþ · as the flood lykeþ ·
Ther his felaw flette forth · as the flood likes
therysG.13.167: Kane and Donaldson record G's reading here as an alteration of thes to ther. However, the <s> does not appear to have been deleted and the addition above the line is clearly ry (note the dot above the <y> and the tail curling round to the right). It seems likely that this is an erroneous correction and that the resultant ys duplicates following hys (cf. M There is felawe beside the L reading Þere his felaw). The scribe may have become confused because of the form of the pronoun. Forms without h- in G are clearly not his own although they do occur occasionally (as at G.13.257) and were presumably found in his exemplar. hys felow fletethe forthe as þe flouvde lykethe
Þere his felaw flet forþ  as þe flood likeþ
Þere his felawe flet forth  as þe flode liketh .
F [Not found.]