Readings for line KD.12.193

Was for he ȝelte hym creaunt to cryst on þe crosse · & knewleched hym gulty
Was for he ȝyalde hym recreauntM.12.193: M shares the reading recreaunt with R; most other B manuscripts have creaunt. to crist on the cros  & knowleched hym gylty .
Was for he knew Christ on þe cros , & knowlegid his sinne
Was for he yald hym creaunt . to crist on þe cros . & knewliched hym gilty
was for he ȝelde hym creaunt on þe cros · and knowlechid hym gulty
Was for he yelde hym creaunt to crist on the cros · and know hym gilty
was for he yolde hym creante to cryste on þe cros & knew hym gylty
Was . for he ȝalte hym creaunt to crist  onO.12.194: OC2 alone among beta witnesses lack an article before crosse. crosse & knewe hym gylti
Was for he ȝelde hym recreantR.12.195: M here agrees with R on the stave word (recreant), but the beta majority's reading, supported by Cx, is creaunt. F omits the term entirely. to crist  & vpon a crosR.12.195: In place of R's vpon a cros, beta has on þe crosse &. F omits the entire phrase. Though the end of the b-verse is different in C, its version of this line parallels B up to this point and reads Was for A ȝeld hym creaunt to crist. knowlechedR.12.195: R uniquely omits hym before gulty. gulty .R.12.195: Hereafter alpha omits a line preserved in beta:
And grace axed of god and he is euer redy.
Was for he ȝeeldid hym to criȝst / & knowleched hym gylty.F.9.310: Alpha omits the following line: "And grace asked of god and he is euere redy."