Readings for line KD.12.200

As þo þat seten atte syde table · or with þe souereignes of þe halle
de latronibus pendentibus ad passionem domini
As þo þat sitten at þe side tablesM.12.200: Only M and Cr have plural tables. Kane and Donaldson erroneously record <-s> as possibly added.  or with þe soueraines of þe halle
As thei þat sit at side tables , or with souereignis of þe hal
As þo þat seten at þe syde-table . or wiþ þe souereynes of þe halle           W.12.199:nota
as þo þat sytte at syde table · or wyþ þe souereyns of þe halle ·
As tho that sitten at the table · or with souereignes of the halle
as tho þat sytten at þe table wyth soueregnes yn the hall
As þoo þat sitten at þe table  or wiþ souereyns of þe halle
As þo þat sitten at þe side table  or with þe souereynes of þe halle .
As þey þat syttyn at þe tableF.9.317: F's omission of the alliterating stave syde before table is shared by GYOC2CB, probably reflecting the FG scribes' sense that a side table is not the place for the sovereign. The omission makes more sense in FG where or is omitted before with than in the other manuscripts that make the change. For other agreements among these manuscripts, see F9.176, 388. / with þe souereyn of þe place.