Readings for line KD.14.213

Þere þe pore preseth bifor þe riche · with a pakke at his rugge
# Audaciam paupertatis with a pak at his rugge
There þe pouere presseth bifore þe riche . with a pak at his rugge
There the pore praiseth before þe rych with a pake at his rygge
Ther þe poore preesseþ bifore þe riche . wiþ a pak at his rugge
The poore preseþ byfore · þe ryche wyþ a poke at his rygge ·
Ther the pouer preses bifore the riche · with a pak at his rygge
there the pore pressythe before þe ryche wyth a packe at hys rygge
Þere þe pore preseþ biforn þe riche  with a pak at his rigge
¶ Þere þe pore prechethR.14.226: R's form is probably a distortion of alpha's procheþ (a reading preserved in F) through misunderstanding a scribal suspension; cf. beta's preseth. The lection in C agrees with that of beta. byfore þe riche  with a pakke at his rugge .
Þere þe poore procheþF.10.691: Scribal interpretation of a suspension in alpha is responsible for F's p(ro)cheþ and R's p(re)cheth. Beta manuscripts and C have preesseþ. to-foore / with a pakke y-charged.F.10.691: F omits the following three lines from Bx:
Opera enim illorum sequntur illos
Batauntliche as beggeris doon and boldeliche he craueþ
For his pouerte and his pacience a perpetuel blisse.