Readings for line KD.14.217

Arst in þe Maister þan in þe man · some mansioun he hath
Arst in þe þan in þe man . somme mansioun he ha...ueth
Erst in the master or in þe man , some mantion he haueth
Arst in þe maister þan in þe man . som mansion he haueþ
arst yn þe mayster than yn þe man · soum mansyoun he haþ ·
Arst in the maistre than in the man · som mansioun he has
arste In þe master then In þe man some mansyon he hathe
Arst in þe mayster þan inO.14.232: O alone among beta witnesses lacks þe before man. man  sum mansioun he haþ
OrR.14.232: For alpha's Or, beta shows Arst; later in this a-verse, where alpha repeats or, Cr agrees with alpha but beta has þan. On both of these readings, it appears that Cx agrees with alpha (although a cluster of five C manuscripts—P2TH2PEc—reads oþur in place of or on both occasions). in þe maister or in þe man : sum manseon hauethR.14.232: R uniquely omits he before haueth. Cx confirms the correctness of the majority reading. .
Or in þe Mayster . or in his man / sum mansyoun he haveþ.