Readings for line KD.14.251

Ne doth hym nouȝte dyne delycatly · ne drynke wyn oft
Ne doth hym nouȝt dyne delicatly . ne drynke wyn ofte
Ne doth hym not dyne delicatlye , ne drynke wyne ofte
Ne dooþ hym noȝt dyne delicatly . ne drynke wyn ofte
ne dooþ hym nougth dyne delycatly · ne drynke wyn ofte
Ne doos hym nouȝt dyne delicatly · ne drynk wyn ofte
ne donitheG.15.254: The <i> of doithe is formed by dotting the first minim of the original <n> of done. The <t> is added above the line with a caret mark and the <h> is written over the remainder of the <n>. hym noght dyne dylycately ne drynke wyne offte
Ne doþ hym not dyne delicatli  ne drynke wiyn ofte
Ne doth hym nauȝt dine delicatly  ne drinke wyn ofte .R.14.266: Immediately following this line, alpha omits two lines present in beta (and in the C version, though somewhat garbled there):
A strawe for þe stuwes it stode nouȝt I trowe
Had þei none but of pore men her houses were vntyled
To doon hym dyghne delycatly ./ ne to drynke wyȝn ofte.F.10.728: Alpha omitted two lines attested by beta manuscripts:
A straw for þe stuwes it stoode noȝt I trowe
Hadde þei no þyng but of poore men hir houses stoode vntyled.