Readings for line KD.14.253

Had þei noneL.14.258: L alone reads none; most other B manuscripts have no þyng. but of pore men · her houses wereL.14.258: L alone reads were; most other B manuscripts have stoode. vntyled
Hadde þei no þinge . but of pouerre men . hire houses stode vntilede
Had thei nothing but of pore men , her houses stod vntild
Hadde þei no þyng but of poore men . hir houses stoode vntyled
hadde þey no-þyng but of pouere men · her houses stodyn vntyled
Had thay no thyng but of pouere men · hire houses stood vntiled
had þei noght but off pouvre men / theyre houvses stoode vntyled
HaddenO.14.257: O alone has the form Hadden in place of Hadde. þei no þing butO.14.257: OC2 alone lack of (a) before pore. pore men  her housis stoden vnhiledO.14.257: OC2 alone have vnhiled in place of vntyled.O.14.257: Three small slashes, stacked vertically, appear in the right margin; the hand responsible cannot be identified with certainty. Although they may point to the error of vnhiled, no such device appears elsewhere in this manuscript.
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