Readings for line KD.14.29

And I shal purueye þe paste quod pacyence · þough no plow erie
# prouicio paciencie
And I shal purueie þe paste quod pacience . though no plough erye
And I shal puruey þe paast & patience , though no plow erye
And I shal purueie þee paast quod Pacience . þouȝ no plouȝ erye
And y schall purueye the past quod pacyence · þouȝ no plough erye ·
And I shal purueye the paste · quod paciens ; thouȝ no ploughe erye
and I shall puvrwye þe paste quod pacyence þo no plowgh errye
And I schal purueye þee paast quod pacience  þouȝ no plow erie
Si mea penna valet melior mea litera fiet
Dextera pars penna Brevior et lenior debit esse
In the left margin, an extended comment is written vertically, in a black secretary hand, beginning at R14.54 and reaching upwards in the margin to this point, R14.32. The second line of the comment is under the first and thus slightly closer to the text line initials.
¶ And I schal purueye þe paste quod pacience  þouȝ þowR.14.32: R's þow is an alpha variant omitted by all beta manuscripts. Though C is substantially revised at this point, a half-line occurs in the cognate passage of the final version that exactly confirms beta's reading (=RK C15.234). no plowȝ erie
/ [¶] & y shal purueye þe past / quod pacience / þeih þouF.10.506: Beta lacks þou. no plowhF.10.506: An otiose curl appears over the <p> in plowh. holde.