Readings for line KD.14.295

Wynneth he nauȝt with weghtes fals · ne with vnseled mesures
Wynneth he nouȝt with wiȝtes false . ne with vnseled mesures
Winneth he not with weight false , ne with vnseled mesures
Wynneþ he noȝt wiþ wiȝtes false . ne wiþ vnseled mesures
wynneth he nougth · wyth w.....eyȝtes false · ne wyþ vnseled mesures
Wynnes he nouȝt with weightes fals ne vnseled mesures
wynnethe he noght wyth falsce weyghtes ne vnsealed measuvres
WynneþO.14.300: OC2 alone lack he before not. not wiþ weyȝtis false  ne vnselid mesures
Wynneth he nouȝt with wittes falsR.14.314: F seems to have been unhappy with alpha's reading, (presumably identical to R's) and smoothed it to hise wyȝles. Beta's reading (weghtes fals = "false weights") seems more vivid and stylistically superior to R's wittes fals. Most P family copies within the C tradition agree with beta. Nevertheless, R's relatively bland reading may in fact be authorial; a comparison with C shows that five of the best X family manuscripts (XYcKcTH2) agree with R on this lection. This agreement is highly unlikely to have resulted from merely random convergence; at the very least, the bipolar confusion of this variant array appears to reflect an ambiguously spelled form in the common archetype of both versions. R's reading may, in fact, be no more than a formal variant of beta's; cf. the comments on wit at R.15.225:.  ne with vnseled mesures .
He wynneþ nowht with hise wyȝles / ne with vn-selyd mesures.F.10.770: < .2. > is written in the right margin, probably by the original scribe, to identify the second of the "solaces" mentioned in 10.758. The third is identified in the text at 10.768.