Readings for line KD.14.304

Þe sexte is a path of pees · ȝe þorw þe pas of altoun
The sixte is a paath of pees . ȝye þoruȝ þe paassM.14.313: Apparently a long <s>has been replaced with an 8-shaped <s>. The main scribe usually writes sigma-<s> finally. of aultoun
The syxte is a path of peace , ye through þe paas of alton
The sixte is a path of pees . ye þoruȝ þe paas of Aultoun
The sixte is a paþþe of pees · ȝe þurgh þe of aultoun
The sexte is a pathe of pees ye thurȝ þe pas of Aultoue
þe syxt ys a pathe off peasce þe G.15.310: The use of superscript rather than inline <e> indicates that the scribe has misread ye as þe, as at G.14.229. For the G scribe's treatment of thorn and <y> and the letters which follow, see note to G.3.118. thrughe paasse to aulton
Þe sixte is a paþþe of pees  ȝhe þoruȝ þe pace of aultoun
¶ Þe sixte it isR.14.325: R's it is is unique among the B copies; both F and beta read is. However, a large majority of C manuscripts agrees with R (though five C witnesses support with beta. a path of pees  ȝe þoruȝ þe papa[s] altoneR.14.325: R uniquely omits the preposition of before altone. G's source may also have omitted it since that manuscript supplies at. .
Þe sixte is a paþ of pees / platoun beryþ witnesse.F.10.781: F has completely rewritten the b-verse. Bx reads "ye þoruȝ þe paas of Aultoun." R is defective in sense here, reading "ȝe þoruȝ þe pa altone," and F's revision may be a response to a problem in alpha.