Readings for line KD.14.53

Shal neuere gyues þe greue · ne grete lordes wrath
Shul neuere gyues the greue . ne grete lordes wratthe .
Shall neuer gyues the greue , ne great lordes wrathe
Shul neuere gyues þee greue . ne gret lordes wraþe
schull neuere gyues theHm.14.57: An ink blot at this point in the manuscript obscures three characters. The expected reading here is the, though the blotted word cannot be determined. greue · ne gret lordes wratthe
Shul neuere gyues the greue · ne gret lordes wrathe
shall neuer gyves þe greuve ne greate lordes wrathe
SchuldenO.14.57: O alone has the form Schulden; most B manuscripts have Shul. neuere gomesO.14.57: OC2 alone have gomes; most B manuscripts have gyues. þee greue  ne grete lordis wraþþe
And schalR.14.59: F begins this line with Þere shal while beta simply begins with Shal. However, Cx agrees with R. neuere feytouresR.14.59: R's feytoures and F's faytour ) against beta's correctly alliterating gyues probably reflects a misunderstood gloss in Bx reading fetters. Cx agrees here with beta. þe greue  ne grete lordes wrathe .
Þere shal neuere faytourF.10.530: Alpha reads faytour against beta's correctly alliterating gyues. þe greve / ne grete lord þe wratthe.