Readings for line KD.14.67

Þat no reyne ne rone · þus rede men in bokes
That no rein roon . þus men redeM.14.76: M shares the reading men rede with F; other B manuscripts reverse the order. in bokes .
That no raine ne ronne , thus reade men in bokes
That no reyn ne roon . þus rede men in bokes
that no reyn reynyd · thus rede men yn bokys
That no rayn ne raynde · thus rede men in bokes
that no reyne ne reyneG.15.74: Kane and Donaldson read G reynd rather than reyne, but the second <e> is exactly the same as those elsewhere in the line. G.15.74: According to the OED, forms such as rone (preterite of rine and the reading found most B manuscripts) were not used after the end of the fourteenth century, hence the G reading (see OED rine v.2). þus rede men In bokes
Þat no reyn ne roon  þus redenO.14.74: O alone has the form reden; most B manuscripts have rede. men in bokis
Þat non rayn ne roen  þus rett men onR.14.76: R's rett is unique; the same is true of R's on. The majority, including F, attest rede men in. Cx is uncertain, but five manuscripts (YcIP2UcT) reflect a similar verbal inflection to that found in R (rat), and XIUcZ agree with R's ensuing preposition. bokes .
Þat no reyn reyȝnede / þus men rede in bookys.