Readings for line KD.15.336

Riȝt so ȝe riche · ȝe robeth þat ben riche
Right so ȝye riche ȝye robrobethM.15.340: M's original reading was probably robbeth, agreeing with the majority of B manuscripts. WYCL have M's revised reading robeth. . þat ben riche .
Ryght so ye ryche , ye robbe that ben ryche
Right so ye riche . ye robeþ þat ben riche
rygth so ȝe ryche · that robbeþ that ben ryche
Right so ye riche · ye robet þat ben riche
ryght so ryche ye robbe þem þat be ryche
Riȝt so ȝe riche  ȝe robbenO.15.339: OC2 alone have the form robben; variants include robbeþ (HmBR), robbe (CrGF), and robeþ (WYLMR). þat ben riche
Riȝt so ȝe riche  ȝe robbethR.15.367: In this case (cf. R15.371), RF share with some beta copies a root form, Robbe, classified by OED2 as a sixteenth-century variant spelling for robe, v. (= ModE "clothe"); it is traceable to OF robbe (= ModE "robe"), derived from the same root as OF rob since the original meaning of "robe" was "booty, spoils." þat bethR.15.367: R's beth is unique; all other witnesses read be(n). riche .
Ryght so ȝee ryche / ȝee robbe þem / þat be not ryche. These lines are botched in alpha and in several beta manuscripts with roben, "to give a robe," confused with robben, "to rob, steal." Bx probably read:
Right so ye riche ye robeþ þat ben riche
And helpeþ hem þat helpeþ yow and ȝyueþ þer no nede is.