Readings for line KD.15.462

Ȝe nymmenL.15.477: L alone reads nymmen; most other B manuscripts have menen or mynnen. wel how matheu seith · how a man made a feste
deficitM.15.473: Kane and Donaldson argue that the sidenote indicates that "a corrector of M knew of a manuscript which possessed XV 472-85, missing from the larger group" (p. 51n7). This seems unlikely, since the note is placed ten lines too early, and furthermore Kane and Donaldson themselves admit that "there is no evidence that M was corrected to (RF)." The note may simply refer to the fact that M alone among B manuscripts lacks how before a man.
HYe mynnen wel how Mathewe saith . a man made a feeste
Ye menen wel how Mathew saith , how a man made a feast
Ye mynnen wel how Mathew seiþ . how a man made a feste
ȝe menyn wel how matheu seyþ · how amana man made a feste
ye take wel how mathew sayith · how a man made a feste
ye nymmethe well what mathew sayethe how a man made a feaste
Ȝe; menen wel how mathew seydeO.15.468: OC2 alone have the preterite form.  how a man made a feeste
¶ Ȝe take wel hedeR.15.497: In place of R's non-alliterating take wel hede, beta reads menen wel. F omits the line. whateR.15.497: Here only G joins R in reading what; the other beta manuscripts show how. mathew sayth  how a man made a fest .
F [Not found.]