Readings for line KD.15.495

Þat þei ne went as cryst wisseth · sithen þei wil aL.15.498: LR alone read a; most other B manuscripts have haue. name
That þei ne wente as crist wisseth . sith þei wil haue name
That they ne went as Christ wysheth , sithen they wyll haue name
That þei ne wente as crist wisseþ . siþen þei wille haue name
þat þey ne wente as cryst wysseþ · syþþyn þey woln haue name ·
That thay ne went as crist vissed wissed · siþ þey wol haue name
that þei ne went as cryst wyssethe sythe þei wyll hauve name
Þat þey ne wente as crist wisseþ  siþ þei wolen haue name 
Þat þei ne wenten as criste wisseth  sithen þei wilneR.15.533: Alpha's wilne derives from a different verb stem than beta's wil, but it is doubtful that Langland saw these forms as distinct since they share virtually identical semantics. The C manuscripts, in a revised b-verse, split on these two verb forms (the majority agreeing with alpha), thus confirming their status as twins in early fifteenth-century usage. a name .
Þat þey ne wentyn as crist hem wisseþ / sytthe þey wilne þe name.