Readings for line KD.15.561

And þo þat han petres powere · arn apoysoned alle
And þo þat han petres power . arn enpoisened alle
And they that haue Peters power , are poysoned all
And þo þat han Petres power . arn apoisoned alle
Hm.15.530: Though the pale blue paraph marker visible on the images is an artefact of the photography, coming from the genuine marker on the preceding folio, 178v, it in fact coincides with an erased paraph marker on this leaf of which only a blue dot remains visible. And þo þat han petres power · arn appoysonyd alleHm.5.530: A crude line drawing, perhaps of a quill, appears to the right of this line and above it a lightly scored X of uncertain origin and meaning.
And tho þat han petres power · aren aposoned al
and þo þat haue peturs power are empoysoned all
And þoo þat han peteres power  arn appoysouned alle
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