Readings for line KD.18.11

Barfote on an asse bakke · botelees cam pryke
Barfoot on an asse bak . boteles cam prikye
Barefote on an asse backe , boteles came prickynge
Bare-foot on an Asse bak . bootles cam prikye
barfoot vpon an asse bakke · boteles cam prykye ·
Barfoot and oon an asse bake · boteles gan prike
barefoote on an asse backe booteles gan prycke
Barfoot & on an asse bak  boteles gan prykye
Barefoet on an asse bake  boteles cam prikyngeR.18.11: Only Cr agrees with R's form. Cf. beta's pryke. F reads springe, a variant that makes little sense. Presumably, in a copy between alpha and F someone had substituted the synonymous spurringe for alpha's prikynge, a mistake magnified by F's misreading. The reading of Cx here is uncertain, but a majority of the X family copies agree with R. .
Barefoot on an asses bak / al bootewlesF.14.11: Bootewles, "without boots." All other B manuscripts read synonymous bootles. The boteau is a kind of low boot. cam springesp[ur]ringe.F.14.11: F's springe makes little sense in context. Bx reads prikye, and some scribe in the tradition between alpha and this manuscript had written the synonymous spurring, here reduced to springe.