Readings for line KD.18.382

There þe feloun thole sholde · deth or otherwyse
ThereM.18.394-397: It looks as though the scribe had initially written M18.397 following M18.393, through eyeskip on There (394, 397) compounded by confusion resulting from repetition of 393b in 396b and 395b in 398a. Erasing all but the first word of 394, he has overwritten the erasure with the remainder of that line and copied 395-397 in the margin. The lines were later altered. ...?...?...þe feloun thole sholde deth oþerM.18.394: M's oþer agrees with Cr; other B manuscripts have or ooþer. elles M.18.394: M's elles is shared with Cr. Other B manuscripts read Iuwise or wise.
There the felon thole shuld death other els
ThereW.18.392: W alone omits þe after There. feloun þole sholde . deeþ or ooþer Iuwise
there þe feloun þolye schulde · deeþ or other Iuwyse
Ther the felon thole scholde · deth or other-wise
there þe felon tholed sholde / dethe or other I.ouvnesseG.19.394: According to the OED, the word "juise" (= "judicial punishment") was uncommon after the fifteenth century (the only instances recorded after that are in Cockeram's English Dictionary), and the scribe clearly does not know what to make of it.
Þere þe feloun schulde þoleO.18.395: O alone transposes þole schulde. deþ  ouþerO.18.395: O alone has ouþer; most B manuscripts have or. oþer wise
Þere þe felon thole shulde  deth or other-wise .
Þere þe feloun þole / scholde / deeþ / or oþir-wyse.