Readings for line KD.19.218

And wepne to fyȝte with · þat wil neure faille
And w...apynM.19.218: The altered spelling wapyn is not a London but a northern form; see Jordan, para. 49, remark 2. Compare the spelling wepne at M19.226. There are no variants at this point. to fiȝte with . þat wol neuere faille
And weapon to fight with that will neuer faile
And wepne to fighte wiþ . þat wole neuere faille
and wepne to fygth wyþ · þat wy...?...ll neuer fayle ·
C.19.216KD.19.218, 226
And wepen to fiȝte with · whan any cristyne yow assaillees
G.20.215KD.19.218, 226
G.20.215: β4 manuscripts omit the second half of KD19.218 and the first half of KD19.226, together with the lines in between.and weypen to fyght wyth / when antecryste you asseylethe
O [Not found.]
R [Not found.]
& a wepne to fyghte with / þat wille neuere fayle.