Readings for line KD.19.245

And some to ryde & to recoeureL.19.245: LF read recoeure; most other B manuscripts have recouere. Cf. L17.69 for similar alpha and L agreement. For the spelling, see the Linguistic Description, § III. · þat vnriȝtfully was wonne
And somme to ride and to recoueren . þat vnriȝtfuly was wonnen .
And some to ride & to recouer þat vnrightfully was won
And some to ryde and to recouere . þat wrongfullyW.19.244: W alone reads wrongfully; Hm has riȝtfully while all other manuscripts have vnriȝtfully. was wonne
Somme to ryde and summe to recouere þat ryȝtfully was wonne
And som to ride and som to recouere · þat vnrightfully was wonne
& some to ryde & some to recouer / þat vnryghtfully was wonne
And summe to ride & summe to recouere  þat vnriȝtfulli was wonnen
R [Not found.]
& summe to rekne / & rekewreF.15.243: As Richard Beadle notes, spellings like this or recure when the word means "regain, repossess" are very narrowly East Anglian. "The Medieval Drama of East Anglia: Studies in Dialect, Documentary Records and Stagecraft," (unpublished D. Phil. thesis, University of York, 1977), 66. / þat vnryghtfully was wonne.F.15.243: F omits the following line attested by beta family manuscripts: "He wissed hem wynne it ayein þoruȝ wightnesse of handes."