Readings for line KD.19.315

Quod Piers harweth alle þat kunneth kynde witte · bi conseille of þis doctours
Quod piers harweþ alle þat kuonneþM.19.319: The word originally read kuuer. The <u> was converted to an <o>. There is an erased er abbrevation curl above the <u> which is converted to a macron. kynde wit . by counseill of þise doctours .
Quod Piers harroweth al that konneth kind wytte ,
by counsel of these doctours
Quod Piers hareweþ alle þat konneþ kynde wit . by conseil of þise doctoursW.19.318: The right margin is cropped. Other manuscripts here read doctours.
Quod peris harweþ alle that conneþ kynde wyttHm.19.318-319: In response to a corrupt Bx, CrHm alone create two lines here. Other B manuscripts, with some variations, read Quod Piers harweth alle þat kunneth kynde witte bi conseille of þis doctours. Hm alone, editing to provide an a-verse, adds by rede and by counseyl in place of bi conseille of the other B manuscripts, and Hm alone reads þese fowr where all other B manuscripts have þis in order to fill out the b-verse. Unlike Hm, Cr prints only By counsel of these doctours. The now lost B manuscript available for creation of the C text was superior to Bx, reading (again, with some variations):
And so doth vices vertues forthy quod peres
Harweth alle þat conneth kynde wit bi consail of this doctours
by rede and by counseyl · of þese fowr doctours
Quod piers harweth al þat konne kyndly wit · by conseil of þis doctours
quod pyers harowethe all þat can kyndlye wytt / by couvnseyle off doctours
O [Not found.]
R [Not found.]
Quod Peers harweth alle þat knowen witt / be conseyl of þis doctour.