Readings for line KD.19.38

And þo þat bicome crysten · by conseille of þe baptisteL.19.38: L alone reads baptiste; other B manuscripts have baptisme.
And þo þat bicome cristene by conseille of þe bapteme
And tho that became christen , by counsel of the baptime
And þo þat bicome cristene . bi counseil of þe baptisme
Hm.19.38KD.19.38, 39
and þo þat bycome crystene · þurgh fullynge þat þey tookeHm.19.38: Hm uniquely combines the a-verse of 19.38 with what in other manuscripts is the b-verse of the following line, thus omitting by conseille of þe baptiste / Aren frankeleynes fre men, found in all other B manuscripts and given here in the spelling of L.
And tho that bicome cristyne · by conseil of the baptisme
& tho that bycome crystyene / by couvnseyle off þe baptysme
And þoo þat bicoomenO.19.36: O alone has bicoomen; most B manuscripts have bicome. cristen  bi counceyl of þe baptisme
R [Not found.]
& þo þat by-come cristene / by conseyl of bapteme.