Readings for line KD.19.447

It semeth · by so  hym-self hadd his wille
It semeþ by so . hym-self hadde his wille .
It semeth by so him-selfe had hys wyll
It semeþ bi so . hym-self hadde his wille
It semeþ by so hym-sylf · hadde his wylle ·
It semes by so · hym fe seluen had his wille
ytt semethe by so by heG.20.439: Kane and Donaldson see the correction from so by to by so as being by the main scribe and the subsequent alteration to so he as being by another hand. It seems likely, however, that the original scribe was responsible for all these alterations. As far as the <h> of he is concerned, compare, for instance, that in semethe at the beginning of the line. hym-seluve / hadde heG.20.439: Note that the lining through of added he is done in red ink and therefore clearly at the time of rubrication and most probably by the original scribe. hys wyll
It semeþ bi so hym-seluenO.19.362: OC2 alone have hym-seluen in place of hymself.  hadde his owneO.19.362: OF alone include owne. wille
R [Not found.]
It seemeþ by so / hym-selue / hadde his owne wille.