Readings for line KD.20.386

And sitthe he gradde after grace · til I gan awakeL.20.386: In the left margin below the final line of text the scribe has written passus ijus de Dobest as an (ignored) instruction for the rubricator. It has been cropped, lacking initial pass- or explicit pass-.
And sith he gradde after grace . til I gan a-wake
And syth he grad after grace til , I gan awake .
And siþþe he gradde after Grace . til I gan awakeW.20.385: A final, formal nota abbreviation ends the text. We have ordinarily taken this form to represent a flourish. The explicit is written in ornamented letters touched in red and about twice normal size.
and siþ he gradde after grace · tyl y gan a-wake ·
And sith he gradde after grace · til I gane awake
& sythe he gradde after grace / tyll I gan awake
And siþ he gradde after grace  til I gan awakeO.20.384: This line is followed by six ticks.
And siththeR.20.359: Someone has scribbled these replacements in modern pencil in the right margin opposite this line.
And sithe heR.20.359: Although the erasure here is thorough, with manipulation in Photoshop it is possible to make out the probable original reading. gradde after grace  til I gan a-wake .
So sore he gradde after grace / þat be-gan[y] be-ganF.16.383: Having erased erroneous he after þat, the scribe failed to supply the necessary first person pronoun. a-wake.