Readings for line KD.3.324

And what smyth · þat ony smyteth · be smyte þer-with to dethe
And what smyth þat ony ...?...smythethM.3.330: This alteration to M occurs at a place where B manuscripts vary considerably in their readings. W reads smyþeþ, Cr has smithed; some other manuscripts have smyteth.  be smite þere-with to deþe
And what smith that any smithed , be smiten therwith to death
And what smyth þat any smyþeþ . be smyte þerwiþ to deþe
and what þat smythieth eny · be smyten ther-wyth to dethe
And what smyth þat any smyteth · be smyte þerwith to deþe
& wat smyth þat .. any smythyes be smyten to dethe
And what smyþ þat any smyþeþ  be smyten þer-wiþ to deþe
And what smyth þat any smithieR.3.320: R's smithie is the alpha variant; most of the beta copies attest either smyþeþ (e.g., WO) or smyteth (LC).  be smiten þere-with to dedeR.3.320: R's dede is a unique variant, but its meaning is identical to the common reading (dethe) found in other witnesses, both from the B and the C traditions. .
& what smeþ þat ony smythieF.4.316: Alpha is responsible for smythie. Beta manuscripts have smyteth or smyþeþ. / he shal be smyte þer-wiþ.