Readings for line KD.3.86

Ne bouȝte non burgages · be ȝe ful certeyne
Ne bouȝten non burgages  be ȝye ful certein
Ne bought no burgages be they full certen
Ne bouȝte none burgages . be ye ful certeyne
ne bouhten no burgages · be ȝe full certayn
Ne bouȝte non burgages · be ye ful certeyne
ne boght no buvrgagys by þeG.4.87: Kane and Donaldson take G's reading to be "ye" rather than þe. However, although <y> and <þ> have the same form in G, the scribe does not normally have superscript <e> where a <y> is intended. See the scribal alteration to G.4.351 and note. certeyne
Ne bouȝte noon burgages  be ȝe ful certeyn
Ne bouȝte none burgeageR.3.78: R's use of the singular burgage is unique but may reflect alpha (beta attests the plural); cf. F's bargayn. Although manuscripts EWa of the A version agree with R's singular, it seems clear that both Ax and Cx read as beta does here.  be yeR.3.78: Beta has ȝe. F and G clearly have þe, but R's y and þ show sufficient overlap that the scribe's intentions here are ambiguous. ful certeyne .
Ne bowhte no bargayn / be þeF.4.75: This alpha reading is shared by BmBoCot; most other beta manuscripts have ye. fulle serteyn.