Readings for line KD.4.146

And ȝif ȝe worken it in werke · I wedde myne eres ·
# quod lex laborabit & lede a-Feld dong
And ȝif ȝye werken it in werke . I wedde myn eres .
And if ye worken it in warke , I wed myne eares
And if ye werchen it in werk . I wedde myne erisW.4.148: A scribe has drawn a pointing hand in the right margin.
and ȝif ȝe wurchyn this werke · y wedde myn eres
And if ye wyrken it in werke · I wedde myn eres
and yff youG.5.148: The vast majority of A manuscripts read "thou," which is the reading adopted by Kane and Donaldson and which may have given rise to the G reading you (with misreading of the thorn as a <y>). However, most B manuscripts read ȝe and it is worth remembering that the G scribe does employ "you" for the nominative plural elsewhere; see note to G.2.180. worchen that worke I wedde my heyrs
And if ȝe worken it in werk  I wedde boþeO.4.149: OC2H alone include boþe. myne eris
And ȝif ȝe werkyn it in werke  I wedde myn eres .
& if hewerkehe werke it in werk / y wedde þanne myne erys.