Readings for line KD.4.28

Folwed hem faste · hauedL.4.27: The corrector's <+> in the left margin notes the omission of for þei from the beginning of the b-verse. R also lacks these words. to done
Folwed hem faste  for heM.4.27: M's reading of he is not shared by other B manuscripts, most of which read þei. h....eadde to doone
Folowed hym faste , for they had to done ,
Folwed hym faste . for þei hadde to doone
folowed hym faste · for they hadde to done
Folwed hem faste · for hij hadde to doone
folowyd hym fast for they had to done
FolewedenO.4.28: O alone has the form Foleweden; most B manuscripts have Folwed. hem faste  for þei hadden to done
Folwed hem faste  R.4.27: R shares with L an omission (for þei) at the head of this b-verse. The reading of Ax agrees with that of the B majority. However, because of the extraordinary accuracy that the R and L scribes regularly demonstrate, and because these copies are at the top of any credible B stemma, it seems likelier that their shared mistake here attests the presence of a marginal correction in Bx (which both scribes overlooked) than a purely random convergence in ordinary omission. haued to done .
Folwed hem faste / for þey haddyn to doone.