Readings for line KD.4.55

He meyneteneth his men · to morther myne hewen
He mainteigneth his men . to morthere my...? hewenM.4.57: For rewritten hewen RF have hennes.
He mainteyneth his men to murther myne ewne
He maynteneþ hise men . to murþere myne hewen
he manteneth his men · to morthre myn hewen
He meynteneth his men · to morther myn hewen
he menteynyth hys men to morther my hewen
He maynteneþ hise men  to murþere myne huen
He meynteneth his men  to murther myn heuuesR.4.57: The variant heuues derives from alpha. F's spelling here is heuuys ; cf. beta's hewen = "servants." Kane-Donaldson transcribe this variant in R as hennes and F's as hennys). What the R scribe actually thought he was writing is open to doubt since neither he nor the F scribe again uses <uu> for <w> after <e>. However, R writes the name "Stowe" as stouue at R5.28, and it is reasonable to assume that is what he intended here. .
Also he meynteneþ hise men / to moþerem[u]rþere myn heuuys.F.4.401: The spelling heuuys for hewen, "servants," occurred in alpha. What the immediate scribe thought he was writing is a matter of speculation, since the combination <uu> never again appears in the English text. F is unique in reading moþere.