Readings for line KD.4.67

Þo wanL.4.69: The corrector's marginal <+> may mark wan, a reading shared by R; most other B manuscripts have a form of wente. Not infrequently the evidence suggests that the corrector worked from a manuscript more corrupt than L's exemplar. wisdome · and sire waryn þe witty
# wyt & warin wisdom
Þo w....enteM.4.69: The altered word brings M into line with most B manuscripts, though LR read wan, and CBoCot read whan. w..isdome . and sire warin þe witty
Tho wende wysedome , and sir Waren the wytty
Tho wente Wisdom . and sire waryn þe witty
Tho wente wysdome · and sere wareyne the wytty ·
þo whan wisdome and sire waryn þe witty
tho went wyssdome & syr warryn the wyttye
Þoo wente wisdam & sire  waryn þe witty
Þo wanR.4.69: Only L and C agree with R's wan; F omits the entire line, while most beta copies read wente. The b-verse of this line is unmetrical and the entire line is a revision of the A version (K4.53), but the uniformity of attestation for its text from L and R (with C's concurrence) make it clearly a genuine Bx line. wysdom  and sire waryn þe witty .
F [Not found.]